Earrings and bangles in sterling silver, copper, bronze and enamel
A great selection of handmade studs, hoops and gemstone earrings
Bangle and cuff bracelets for men and women in copper, sterling silver and bronze
Made in the UK

handmade enamel earrings cinnamon jewellery

Unusual earrings made with vitreous enamel, copper and silver

handmade sterling silver earrings cinnamon jewellery

From simple modern studs to silver and gemstone designs

handmade copper earrings

Studs, dangles and hoop style oxidized copper earrings

Choose from a wide selection of handmade copper, bronze and sterling silver bangles and cuff bracelets.

copper and malachite earrings

A varied selection of handmade pure copper and bronze earrings, bangles and cuff bracelets.
Cuffs and bangles also available for men!


bronze leaf vein bangles for women